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Business Growth Is Now a Very ‘Mobile’ Concept

Most business owners today, know the importance of having a website for their business. That takes care of the ‘A’. What about the remaining 25 letters in the alphabet? Where they fall behind is in getting advice on how they can actually make the most of their, Online Presence. We live n a time where a business’ presence on the internet is controlled by the whimsies of a rather small bird flitting about at the helm of the World Wide Web. It is imperative that businesses take the initiative in adopting a proactive approach to their online brand building as a whole because having a website alone, will not get you anywhere.

Engagement and functionality are the key elements contributing to where you will stand amidst the billions of pages on the World Wide Web. Over 70% of internet users use their mobile devices to research a buy. Over 50 percent of the world’s mobile users use their mobiles as their primary device for being on the internet. Mobile web adoption is growing 8 times faster than web adoption did in the early 2000s during the internet boom. Mobile searches make up a quarter of all searches on the internet today. Finally, over 91% of the world’s population now owns a mobile phone. I think it’s time businesses did some math.

After a business sets up its website, they need to ensure that they are available across all devices and draw a parallel on all social media platforms as well. Mobile publishing on a website is crucial for a business in getting their customers to interact with their brand. As a business, one of the most powerful tools one has, is the ability to grow one’s business through online media. The downside to this is in the fact that it will not work if a business only tries to ‘sell’. This is a blind spot for most businesses as in many cases; they do not have the knowhow to fill that blank. In their bid to establish credibility, businesses must have a central website that acts as an umbrella to their entire network creating a recurring loop. Social media and SEM can only do so much, if you do not own the content pertaining to your business. Establish dialog with your client base both online and offline. It is important that you have real conversations with your customers through various means. Email marketing, social media and text messages are some examples. Treat them as real people and let them know you care every once in a while. It will only serve to help you retain them better. People today do not buy businesses. People buy people and their relationship with them.

It is time you step up, smart up and prep to grow your business.

An Attitude of Gratitude – It Will Change Your Life and Your Business

I want to share with you why I think that an “Attitude of Gratitude” is incredibly important in your business. I also want to share a few of the people and things that I am so incredibly grateful for in my life.

In our businesses we all have things that we feel aren’t “perfect”. But (and I hope that you know this already) when we focus on the things in our lives and businesses that we are unhappy with or would like to be different it makes them feel worse. Sometimes the extra attention that we give to those things can even feed them and increase the negative impact that they can have.

One thing that you can do to change the focus in your business to the things that you love rather than the things that keep you feeling unhappy or disappointed is to keep a daily list of the things that you love about your business.

Find a notebook that you can keep that will be your gratitude journal. You are going to use this notebook to keep a daily list of the things that you are grateful for. Start every day by listing five things in your business (or personal life) that you are grateful for. As it gets easier to write this daily list you can start writing more things if you would like to. You will eventually feel a change in your mindset as you shift from negative feelings to focusing on what makes you happy. You can list anything in your gratitude journal that you like… and sometimes it is the little things that make you really appreciate how wonderful your business and life truly is. One of the things that regularly made my personal list was toilet paper. I can’t imagine a life without it nor would I want to (Would you? LOL).

I want to give a shout out here to the wonderful coach, Debby Werthmann, who taught me this exercise. I don’t do this as often as I should but when I feel a little down or worried or concerned about situations in my life, I start doing this exercise daily and it completely changes my mindset. I am very grateful for this little exercise because it really has helped me when I was feeling down about how quickly or not quickly my business was growing. Thank you Debby. I hope that you know what an impact our time working together had on me.

So now… my gratitude list. This may sound a little corny and sentimental so bear with me…

The list of what I am grateful for:

• A husband who loves me, works hard and has his heart in the right place
• A mother who instilled a sense of confidence and tenacity in me that has resulted in an expectation (from myself) that I will succeed at everything I do
• The best parent-in-laws a woman could ever want – they treat me with love, kindness and like I am their own flesh and blood daughter… not just the woman their son married. They truly are wonderful
• A successful business that has allowed me to work from my home office
• My team – they are loyal, professional and treat me and my business with respect
• Amazing clients who respect me, my team and the work that we accomplish together
• A business coach and mentor who has helped me change my business this year
• A sweet and loving dog who keeps my feet warm when he lays under my desk
• A warm house to live in (it’s cold out there people!!!)
• Wonderful friends who love me and make my life more fulfilling
And last but not least…
• TOILET PAPER!!!! (Yes! I did have to go there. J)

Of course there is a whole lot more I could list but this is a very good start.

Having an “Attitude of Gratitude” will do amazing things for your business and your personal life. Life is good… get out there, enjoy it, and focus on the positive! You won’t believe how it will change your life and your business.